Association Eterna Primavera in Guatemala is a new project for Star of Hope and we are so happy to be able to help the existing community continue with their good works making real changes in the whole community.


The association Eterna Primavera is a humanitarian organization promoting local community development through education and health care to families with very limited economic resources, in the area of San Felipe and San Martin. The association is run on voluntary basis without economic interest for the members. This community is off the beaten trail and has in the past received help from other organisations who have since left the location. It is a tragedy that this community who was on the way up once again was left behind. We want to concentrate on keeping the community in power and give them the tools they need to keep the children fed and educated so they can break the chain of poverty with education.

We have chosen two children to represent the project, one boy and one girl.





I will help develop this community right now.

What happens if I support this project? Where does my gift go?

The benefits offered to the families can be divided into the areas of education and health and are as follows:

When you support "Association Eterna Primavera in Guatemala" you contribute to many things at once, including:


• Economic help to the families for every child who is attending school

• Monthly information/education talks for the parents

• Courses directed to parents with the intention of a possible economic income

• Free access to Internet and computer for school related projects

• Social activities for the children, e.g. during talks with the parents


• Free continues health controls for the children by the project nurse

• Medical advice for all family members at a symbolic cost by the project nurse

• Economic help with visits to a medical doctor for all family members

• Economic support with costs of prescribed medicine for all family members

• Rations of basic nutritive/healthy food for the families

The obligations for the families taking part of the project can be summarized as follows:

• All children at the age of school must be attending school

• Participation of the parents at the information/education talks

• The collaboration of the family in different activities

• Put in practice advice given by the project

When you contribute you contribute to a whole community. What a nice thing to do!

I will help develop this community right now.

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