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October 2023

Star of Hope Haiti continues its mission to provide quality education with a focus on Christian values to the youth in Haiti. The organization supports seven Christian schools of the Protestant denomination, catering to 3,600 children aged 3 to 20. These students benefit from Star of Hope scholarship support, ensuring they receive both a solid academic and religious education.

Incorporating Christian education into the curriculum has been a priority, emphasizing the importance of spiritual growth alongside basic education. The Bible is integrated into lessons from kindergarten through final secondary school classes, and each school has its own church responsible for the students' Christian education.

In 2018, Star of Hope introduced the AWANA program to enhance the evangelization efforts of these schools. A training seminar was conducted, with 35 Christian education leaders, 25 of whom are now actively engaged in the seven Star of Hope schools. The AWANA program aims to instill spiritual values in children through formal Christian teaching in school systems and curriculum.
Since the training, all seven schools have successfully integrated the AWANA program into their official curriculum, providing children the opportunity to know God, love Jesus, and understand core Christian values. Daily Christian education activities include morning prayers on the school playground and one-hour sessions in each class from Monday to Friday, focusing on biblical lessons, reading exercises, and teacher-led discussions on biblical passages.

Jeanton and Dano schools, where the AWANA program was initially piloted, stand out as success stories. These schools not only have the necessary textbooks but also employ paid instructors for the program. Unfortunately, the other five schools face challenges due to a lack of funding for textbooks and instructors, relying on dedicated volunteers to carry out the program without essential materials.

However, the children in all the schools, including Jeanton and Dano, enthusiastically participate in the Christian education program. Outdoor games, AWANA circles, and field trips to cultural and historical places contribute to the program's success. Despite these positive outcomes, there are pressing challenges that Star of Hope Haiti currently faces.

The program's main challenges include the urgent need for funding to purchase teaching materials for all seven schools, as the textbooks in Jeanton and Dano are in poor condition. Additionally, the organization is actively searching for a new partner to replace Pastor Reginald Celestin, the primary consultant and implementer of the AWANA program. Lastly, funding is required to hire dedicated instructors for the other five schools, ensuring the program's success and sustainability.

Star of Hope Haiti expresses its gratitude to all donors who support the AWANA program, particularly those contributing to Jeanton and Dano schools. The organization seeks continued support to overcome challenges and extend the positive impact of the AWANA program to all seven schools, fostering the spiritual and educational growth of the children in Haiti. May God bless all the donors and supporters of Star of Hope Haiti!

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