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March 12, 2024 - A Turning Point for Haiti and Star of Hope

Haiti is facing a critical moment as Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigns, unleashing a potential power struggle that could deeply affect the nation. Amidst the chaos, criminal gangs are celebrating, having played a role in the release of prisoners and the destruction of police stations. Star of Hope's manager, Tony Borsiquiot, reveals the challenging situation on the ground, highlighting the gangs' questionable declaration of peace.


Tomy Borsiquiot in Haiti


Star of Hope's Rigaud School: A Casualty of Criminal Gangs

The Star of Hope school in Rigaud, a beacon of hope for 35 years, now stands occupied and devastated by the criminal gang 400 Mawozo. The destruction includes a torn-down telephone mast, a closed hospital, and a destroyed marketplace. The terror has forced 90% of families to flee, leaving a lasting impact on the community.

Global Response and Recent Events

Haiti and Kenya signed a security agreement on March 1, bringing Kenya closer to leading the UN's peacekeeping force. However, widespread prison breaks and criminal control in the capital led to a state of emergency on March 4. The international community faces delays in intervention due to legal hurdles and political complexities.

Background: Haiti's Descent into Chaos

Exploring Haiti's historical context reveals a nation grappling with the absence of a standing army since 1804, the 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, and a faltering democracy. Criminal gangs now control 80% of Port-au-Prince, exacerbating rising prices, famine, and kidnappings.

Human Toll and Crimes Against Civilians

Haitian civilians endure murder, theft, kidnappings, and sexual violence, causing constant fear. Children witness the destruction of their homes and violence against loved ones, leaving a lasting impact.

Star of Hope’s Ongoing Efforts Amidst Chaos

Despite the challenges, Star of Hope continues its mission, operating six schools in rural areas untouched by gang violence. The organization remains committed to education, water projects, libraries, livestock distribution, and seed distribution. Hope is pinned on the UN peacekeeping force to rebuild the Rigaud project when security allows.

Urgency of Supporting Haiti's Children Amidst Violence

Amidst widespread violence, supporting Haiti's children becomes crucial. These children are not just victims but key contributors to the country's potential resurgence. Organizations like Star of Hope break the cycle of despair by providing support and educational resources.


Preserving Education as a Lifeline

Education is a lifeline for Haiti's children, offering empowerment and a better future. Star of Hope's commitment to operating schools in unaffected rural areas becomes a crucial lifeline for these children.

Nurturing Resilience and Leadership

Continued support preserves innocence and nurtures resilience, allowing these children to emerge as leaders in rebuilding a stronger Haiti.

Investing in Haiti's Future

Prioritizing well-being and education is an investment in Haiti's future. Equipped with tools and knowledge, these children can steer Haiti toward stability.

Humanitarian Imperative

Beyond strategic considerations, there's a humanitarian imperative to help Haiti's children amidst violence. Humanitarian aid is a moral obligation to protect and nurture the most vulnerable members of society.

The Challenge of Sending Aid to a Country Without a Government

Sending international aid to a government-less country is a historic challenge. Haiti's international community pledges aid, but without a legitimate receiver, it often goes undelivered.


This once-determined young man who, like many others, has lost access to his school and education. We are working on it!

Conclusion: Focusing on the Future

Amidst chaos and violence, focusing on the well-being and education of Haiti's children is not just an act of compassion but a strategic investment. Star of Hope stands firm in its commitment to providing assistance and support.

Next Steps: Urgent Call for Support

Currently operating 7 schools, Star of Hope continues to be a beacon of normalcy for children despite the crisis. Supporting organizations like Star of Hope allows the international community to play a pivotal role in ensuring Haiti's children become catalysts for positive change.

CEO Mark Presson emphasizes the role of education in breaking the chains of poverty, and the organization calls for help to provide tools, seeds, and donations to sustain schools and the educational process in Haiti.

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