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Dear Friends, (unedited report from Pastor Gilbert in Kenya)

Receive greetings from the children and staff at Star of Hope Kenya. We thank God for another month of making a difference in our communities through providing quality primary education and a school feeding program to children from destitute backgrounds in our communities in Mikindani and Jimba.

Figure 1: Thank you for your generous support

We say a big THANK YOU for your generous support towards the needy in society. God Bless You. Here are the highlights of the month of February 2021;

New report items, Learning, School Feeding Program, Pastoral Care Program and Infrastructure Upgrade in Jimba.

In February 2021, learners across all our three school projects in Mikindani and Jimba continued with their studies smoothly. 1,229 children have been beneficiaries of the school programs across our primary school projects.

Figure 2: Learning in Jimba Nursery School

Preparations for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) Examination

Twenty-eight,  28 Grade 8 candidates from Jimba Primary school and 40 Grade 8 candidates from Living Word Primary School will be sitting for their final Primary education examination on 22nd March 2021. We are grateful for the opportunity you gave these children to acquire quality primary education with us. Thank you and God bless you.

Figure 3: Living Word Primary Grade 8 pupils doing their end term exam before the final exam in March 22nd 2021

A Special Message from Grade 8 Star of Hope Jimba Primary School
"You're Kind, you're loving, you're compassionate, you're wonderful, you're awesome, you're our heroes. Thank you for supporting our education for over 10 years of primary education. You have made us the first-ever Grade 8 class of Jimba Primary School! We are happy we made history together. We will be sitting for our final examination from March 22nd, 2021. From the bottom of our hearts, God bless you for being there for us. We love you''

Figure 4: Jimba Primary school Grade 8 pupils

10 youths continued to receive their training in tailoring, dressmaking, and embroidery at Star of hope Training Institute.

Figure 5: Training Institute students in action


Figure 6: Thank you for supporting the School Feeding Program

Figure 7: Jimba New dining Hall occupied during lunchtime

The vital school feeding program has continued to benefit 1,229 children and 10 youths across the four school projects. Our children have continued to enjoy their daily lunch meal in a lunchbox rather than the usual plates which is more hygienic.

Figure 8: Happy faces in the new Dining hall

Thank you for caring about the well-being of our children and communities. Through your generous support, we have been able to continue to provide the 10 o'clock porridge and 12-noon lunch to 1,229 children and 10 youths across our three school projects. Thank you for supporting this vital part of our mandate.

Figure 9: The New Dining hall serves over 400 pupils in Jimba


Figure 10: Jimba Primary School

Figure 11: New gate, new look for the school

In February 2021, the maintenance team from Star of Hope Kenya was winding up the maintenance work in Jimba. All desks were painted and repaired. The new staffroom was completed and every teacher receives a new workstation to make their teaching job an easy and fun process. Paintwork of school buildings and renovation of the floors, roofs and walls was also done.

Figure 12: Painted Buildings

Figure 13: Teachers' work station

The new Jimba dining hall was completed and new dining furniture installed thanks to the generous support of Maskin Mekano company. The Kitchen was renovated and new cooking stoves installed. The new dining hall has a capacity of 500 children which makes lunchtime a comfortable and enjoyable moment for our children.

Figure 14: New Cooking stove

6 new toilets have been built to serve the growing population of children and staff at Jimba Primary school. This has also improved the hygiene of the school which is very important especially during this pandemic.

Figure 15: 6 new toilets built three on one side and three on the backside

Figure 16: Building Materials

Figure 17: Side view of the 6 new toilets

We thank all well-wishers and donors that contributed to the developments in Jimba. God bless the work of your hands. A special thanks to the Star of Hope Maintenance team for the great work they have done in Jimba.

Figure 18: Thank you for your support

Figure 19: New Jimba Dining Hall installed with dining furniture

The Pastoral Care program was held in a different style in February 2021. Our facilitator, Madam Lydia was away from town for official duty and therefore when ended up rescheduling the Jimba Pastoral care Meeting. Instead, we shifted the focus on the leaders of various departments in the Star of Hope Kenya. Leaders have an everyday impact on the actualization of our vision and mission in the communities. Training them on how to become better leaders in their areas of work through building their problem identification and solving skills is important in looking out for the needs of the teenage girls and boys in our schools.

Figure 20: Two-day leadership training conference

Figure 21: Rev. Gilbert facilitating during the pastoral care session

A Two-day leadership training conference was held at Word of Life Faith church to build the capacity of our leaders in Kenya for the benefit of our children. The conference was facilitated by Motivational Speaker, leadership trainer and Bishop Tobias Odipo from Lead Mission Organization in Kisumu, Kenya. In attendance, were 60 leaders from Star of Hope Kenya. The conference was a success with topic of emphasis being diligence in executing their leadership roles.



We thank all well-wishers that have stood with us ever since the beginning of this program. You have been the backbone and driving force of this important program. You have made a difference through self-care packages and psychological therapy for our families and staff. THANK YOU.

Best Regards,


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