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“We started an onion farm,” says Gilbert Ochieng the Director of Star of Hope Kenya.

In a quest to bridge the supply-demand gap for red onions in Kenya, Star of Hope Kenya has embarked on an exciting journey – they've ventured into the world of red onion farming! Gilbert Ochieng, the Director of Star of Hope Kenya, excitedly shares, "We started an onion farm," and they're not stopping there. With one month already on the farm and the promise of a bountiful harvest in mid-December 2023, they're on a mission to do more. They are now seeking sponsors and partners to propel this venture to the next level.



Unlocking the Potential of Red Onion Farming in Kenya

Did you know that approximately half of the red onions sold in Kenyan markets originate from Tanzania? It's a surprising revelation that highlights the persistent demand for this vibrant and flavorful vegetable in Kenya. Local farmers are constantly striving to meet this demand, and red onion farming is emerging as an enticing and potentially profitable venture for Kenyans.

Diverse Onion Varieties in Kenya

In Kenya, the onion landscape offers two primary types: bulb onions and spring onions, each with its unique characteristics.


Bulb Onions: A Seasonal Delight

Bulb onions, the more familiar variety, typically mature in 3 to 4 months. The prime harvesting season coincides with the short rains in January and February, offering a window of opportunity with reduced competition from Tanzanian imports. After the extended rains in March, onion prices surged, further boosting profits for local farmers who time their harvest right.

Spring Onions: A Garden-Friendly Gem

Spring onions are a versatile and garden-friendly option. Ideal for kitchen gardens, they enhance salads and soups while providing numerous health benefits, including blood sugar regulation and reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Their longer shelf life and sweet taste make them a preferred choice among consumers.

Choosing the Right Start: Seedlings in a Greenhouse

Success in onion farming hinges on a strong start, and that begins with healthy seedlings. Greenhouses offer a controlled environment for nurturing delicate onion seeds into robust seedlings, providing a significant advantage over field planting, which can damage fragile seeds.

Creating the Ideal Growing Environment

Once your seedlings are ready, they can be transplanted into well-drained, fertile, sandy loam soil with the right pH. The beauty of onion farming in Kenya is its year-round feasibility with the aid of irrigation, ensuring a constant supply of this popular vegetable.

Exploring Varieties and Their Performance

Variety selection plays a pivotal role in onion farming success. Different varieties perform differently under various conditions. Some popular hybrid varieties in Kenya include Red Creole, Red Pinnoy, Jambar 1, and Red Bombay. Among these, the Jambar F1 variety stands out for its high yield and larger-sized onions. At Star of Hope, they have chosen the common Kenyan onion, a reliable choice.

Harvesting for Success

Timing is key to maximizing your onion crop's potential. Bulb onions are ready for harvesting when they develop a shiny membranous cover around the bulbs or when the foliage begins to wither. Spring onions are prime for harvest when they reach a height of 15 centimeters and a thickness of 1.5 centimeters. Harvesting involves pulling the bulbs, trimming the leaves, and sun-drying the bulbs before storage.

In conclusion, red onion farming in Kenya presents not only a promising business opportunity but also a chance to satiate the nation's growing appetite for this flavorful vegetable. By selecting the right onion variety, providing proper care, and understanding the ideal harvesting times, you can embark on a journey toward a successful and rewarding onion farming experience. Whether you're an experienced farmer or considering entering the world of agriculture, red onion farming in Kenya offers a vibrant and profitable avenue worth exploring.

The Challenge We Face

Star of Hope International Foundation Kenya uplifts underserved communities in Mombasa, Kenya. However, recent global economic challenges have strained their finances, resulting in a monthly budget deficit and debts with suppliers.

Our Solution: Red Onion Farming for Self-Sufficiency

Our red onion farming project is a lucrative venture in Kenya, with one acre capable of yielding 10 tons of red onions, generating $11,000 per harvest with a reasonable input cost of $1,000. With three annual harvests, our plan is to lease 10 acres of farmland, generating $330,000 annually to support our budget. To kickstart this self-sustaining project, we require $20,000.

Support the Cause:

Star of Hope Kenya is not only committed to flourishing in onion farming but also using the profits to fuel their mission. In Kenya, they run schools, feeding programs, churches, and prison ministries. If you'd like to support this endeavor, you can make a difference by visiting the Star Shop and contributing to their cause.

Ready for the Next Level?

Star of Hope Kenya is actively seeking investors, farmers, businesspeople, and anyone passionate about making a difference to help fund the expansion of this initiative. Discover the exciting opportunities and details in their appeal. Your support can help take this project to new heights, benefitting both the community and the farming industry in Kenya.



Please support the growth of this project as we plan to grow the business to use the profits in the mission. In Kenya, we run schools, feeding programs, churches, and prison ministries.

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