bild-julfest-rumanien.jpgChristmas joy reaches every child we are fighting for. Yes, in every country where we are working it is Christmas for the children. Therefore, we want to share with you the glorious Christmas greetings from South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia. Join us on the trip!


Christmas Haiti

Haiti families celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. Then they sit up and watch, even at night until Christmas day, waiting for Jesus' birth. In all our schools, Christmas parties are organized, which over the years has become a dearest tradition - even for the staff.
"It's the only day of the year when children, teachers, and staff can have a happy time together who have nothing to do with the job," says our field manager Tony Boursiquot. We dance together, eat, laugh and enjoy Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Ghana

In Ghana, the many different tribes have their own celebrations and parties, but Christmas is the only big feast that everyone celebrates together. The schools are adorned with Christmas decorations as well as the children's Christmas drawings, and everyone can join in when Christmas celebration, Christmas, dance, food, candy and Christmas presents.


Christmas Latvia

Latvia has many traditions to celebrate Christmas Eve before eating Christmas and visiting the church. In our schools, Christmas preparations begin in the autumn holidays, and vulnerable families receive extra support and gifts for Christmas.


Christmas Argentina

Argentina is celebrating Christmas during the hottest time of the year and is associated with cool drinks and juicy salads. During the Christmas week, many families devour meat from a pig or goat that they themselves have given birth to and slaughtered - but the poorest families sometimes do not afford any Christmas food at all. Hope's Star is, therefore, a prerequisite for all the children and families involved to have good food to celebrate. We have our own Christmas tradition: To visit the poorest families with a Christmas basket full of goods like flour, sugar, rice, noodles, corn flour, fried red, pudding, nougat, pralines, fruit, Argentinian yerba tea and non-alcoholic cider.


Christmas Philippines

In the Philippines, the Christmas celebrations are so important that all employers are required by law to pay double monthly wages in December. Hope's Celebration celebrates by organizing Christmas celebrations for each year's course at each school, where the children perform singing and acting before it's time for Christmas party opening and Christmas.

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