Young Mr. Wandersson wants to become a doctor and tells us himself, it's hard to stay in school if you are hungry and hard to become a doctor without an education.


Meanwhile: Dennis Thern reported this a few days ago, 

The food riots increase in Haiti. Many truck convoys with food are stopped and emptied of food, some trucks are kidnapped and driven away. People are becoming desperate. Feels very uncertain and a little scary facing the near future.

The problems are so big that now, no official food deliveries go into the affected areas without a police escort.

A Dutch boat containing 35 tons of relief supplies (food and hygiene articles) turned as they were afraid.

40-50% of all food sold on the streets of the capital Port-au-Prince from the southern peninsula. Most of the vegetables are now out. What is sold is damaged, and almost rotten.

Food prices also have increased. Some vegetables have gone up 150%, a bag of bread 25%. And 90% of coconut tree has been destroyed in southern Haiti, the prices of coconut products will also increase.

The mayor who worked with the Star of Hope in Port Salut for food deliveries in the area was on the radio today. He said that they had not received much help at all, except for the clearing of rubble and trees. Very important in itself, but much more is needed.

How and when will it turn in the right direction?

Amid this misery Star of Hope continues their efforts. But there is much more that is needed, both now and in the long term.

Join the team, feed Haiti after this disaster, send a message of love and compassion.



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