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Tony Boursiquot, the dedicated field manager of the Star of Hope in Haiti, shares a grim update on the current situation:

In the wake of heavy rains, low-lying areas have been submerged, mercilessly carrying away the homes and personal belongings of countless families. Most of these houses, constructed from straw and clay, were torn apart. The devastation is even worse in the mountainous regions, where torrents of water have ruthlessly swept away houses, destroyed crops, and led to the disappearance of livestock. The aftermath of this catastrophe has left homes and farms completely ravaged.

While our school buildings have miraculously survived, six out of our seven villages have been severely affected: Boyer, Rigaud, Dano, Hesse, Bois Negresse, and Marigot. Although the schools remain intact, many children have lost their homes and everything they possessed. Additionally, farmers have suffered immense losses with the destruction of crops and private food gardens, exacerbating the issue of food insecurity in the region.

Adding to the distress, on June 5, a magnitude 4.9 earthquake struck the southern part of the country, resulting in building collapses, injuries, and loss of life. Fortunately, Hoppets Stjärna's project was not directly affected, but the earthquake deepened the crisis and intensified the competition for already scarce resources in the country.

Tony expresses grave concern over the current situation: "With roads and bridges washed away, both people and goods are unable to reach their destinations. Regardless of their location in the country, the food shortage will soon become critical." This dire circumstance poses a significant threat to the entire nation of Haiti, including our vulnerable children.

Furthermore, Tony informs us that following the floods, strong winds have transformed the mud into hardened clay, further delaying road repairs. He pauses with a heavy sigh, revealing the heartbreaking news that the children, who are already living in poverty, eagerly await the summer season when they can rely on avocados and mangoes for sustenance. Regrettably, 80 to 90 percent of these crops have been lost, they fell to the ground in the storm and the wind and are now decaying. The children bear the weight of this knowledge with profound sadness.

Tony predicts a rapid surge in food prices, potentially doubling or even quadrupling, as commercial activities remain disrupted in the region.

You have the power to make a difference and send hope to a family!

By providing an emergency gift of food, you can bring hope to those affected, especially the children. Join us in supporting the Star of Hope's relief efforts by contributing to our food box initiative. Your donation will go a long way in alleviating the suffering and restoring faith in these devastated communities.

To contribute, visit donate one food box.

Also, you can text: foodkit to 71777 for a mobile experience. 

Together, we can make a tangible impact and show solidarity with the resilient people of Haiti in their time of desperate need.



Tony B in Haiti.

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