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So many Ukrainian refugees have been helped by Star of Hope in Romania when they crossed the border. We spend most of our time, energy, and heart on refugee children with disabilities. The reason is simple: There is no one else on site who can give them the right help. Therefore, it cuts to the heart to write this: Soon we may be forced to abandon them.


Star of Hope has helped the victims of war in both Ukraine and Romania, where we have fought for children with disabilities since 1989. As soon as a child with special needs crossed the border, the family was referred to us. Ever since the beginning of the war, we have provided individualized rehabilitation to refugee children with Down syndrome, NPF diagnoses and cerebral palsy. Hundreds of families have received invaluable help - but now we are at a crossroads.
The money is gone, and without new gifts earmarked for the victims of the war, we are forced to stop working.

Our fiery soul Gabriella Raducani is in despair.
“If Star of Hope Romania does not help these refugee children, then their families have nowhere else to turn. Our authorities cannot even meet the needs of Romanian children with disabilities. That is why so many people turn to us.
And the refugee families who live at our center in Dorohoi Romania, they run the risk of being left without the most essential, food and shelter.”


Who will help Carolina?
Three-year-old Carolina curls up in her mother's arms.
She does not yet know that she risks being left without help and support, far from home.

Carolina's diagnosis causes speech difficulties, so the therapy sessions with Star of Hope’s speech teacher are crucial for her continued development. Today she lives at our center in Dorohoi with her older brother Maxim and her mother Ilona.
“We fled the day the war started, says Ilona. My husband works on a ship, and he asked me to take the children and knit as fast as possible.”
14 months have passed since the escape from Dnipropetrovsk.
This means that Carolina has already lived a third of her life without her father.
“It's hard for me, him and the children, says Ilona.”
At the same time, she is grateful for all the help they received on the run.
“We have a very good time here. We lack nothing. We get food, clothes, medicine... well, everything we need.” The only question is how much longer.

Ukraine's children need you!
All children need support and guidance.
Especially if they have a disability.
Especially when they are on the run.

Everyday Star of Hope gives the children a better chance to cope in life.

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