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Today is World Water Day. Two thirds of the earth is covered in water, one percent is drinkable. Every day one billion people struggle to find clean and safe water.


Team completed their work at Rigaud. They installed the hurricane ties on 50% of the school. Not bad for 2 days work!

Alec Wetig and his Dad Jamie played football (soccer) with neighborhood kids. (they used an old basketball) Then they tried to teach the kids American football without words since they do notspeak kreyol.


Team visited the home of Emmanuela, the child orphaned by the quake and taken in by a family in the area. The visitors were unsure how to deal with 10 people living and sleeping in one room with only 2 beds!

Tomorrow the team heads to Marigot.





Wow!  The first 4 days we saw alot of poverty...or so we thought, but on day 5 we drove through the slums of Port au Prince.   "This is where the poorest.. people live" is what we were told.
We ended up having a meal at the seaside, a beautiful sight available to the poorest!

Today is the first ever International Day of Happiness!

“When we contribute to the common good, we ourselves are enriched. Compassion promotes happiness and will help build the future we want," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wrote in his message to mark the day.


Some pics of happiness:





Haiti Day 4  worked on putting up the hurricane ties on day 4, but my favorite part of the day was meeting the little girl Ellinwood Hosptial in Kansas will be sponsoring.  This little angel touched many hearts when she was found wandering around after the earthquake.  She has many medical needs but was still taken in by a family of 10!  What I observed during my visit to this familys home was that they only had 2 beds.  All the  kids seemed happy and well kept.  One of the older boys in this family told me he is coming to America! As I was leaving I yelled to him, "See you in America"  he gve me the thumbs up and they all laughed!  Maybe he is the one I should sponser!

 Just finished yet another delicious meal here at out Host Home of Tony and Myrtha.  Fried chicken with cornmeal as one of the sides. Cornmeal and rice are  also  common staples of the Haitian diet.
The kitchens in all the homes we have toured since our arrival ( whether it was a sod,tin or concrete) have been outside related to the heat and lack of electricity to air condition the home.  This morning we woke up to a breakfast of Pumpkin soup!  I have to admit I did take a look at the time to double check if I had overslept of not!   Pumpkin soup is a traditional Haitian breakfast.  A soup Haitians were not allowed to have back in the days of slavery! It was very good and something I could get use to having for breakfast.
AsI enjoy all the new and interesting food I can't help but think of all the people outside of those gates that are not eating...and again I wonder, How can I make a difference, I'm just one person...THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM WITHOUT FOOD HERE, why do I have so much and they have so little? Its true they have so little, but why are they so happy?  It seems the longer I am here, the more questions I have then answers!  Maybe tomorrow the answers will come!


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