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Star of Hope has worked with education and other things in Kenya for decades, especially outside the coastal town of Mombasa. Many children have gone through the Star of Hope's schools, and thus had a good start in life. I have been to Kenya several times to document the work up close.

Kenya is a great country in many ways and when. Beautiful national parks, high mountains and beautiful white beaches at the coast, but the people are the greatest asset I think. However, the country has in recent years been hit by drought, ethnic strife and more. Recently, several bombs melted the country with several dead and injured. Tragic that these disturbances will haunt the country.

Star of Hope is struggling on to give as many people as possible to a good start in life.


Star of Hope has worked with the village of Marigot since 1998. They have mainly been supported to school and mentor the kids, but Star of Hope has also helped with village development. They have received goats, chickens and help with seed.

Marigot is on the south coast of Haiti and affected almost every year during hurricane season, most recently in 2012 when the village was flooded thoroughly on several occasions.

I like Marigot. It is beautifully situated on the coast, and the trip there over the mountains is interesting and soothing. The village leaders fighting hard for the children to get a good education and good start in life. With the recurring natural disasters, it's a tough job, but it tries to do his best.

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The Haitian Government have asked the international community of two billion U.S. dollars to fight the cholera outbreak that is still raging in the country. The cholera came to Haiti by UN peacekeepers from Nepal in 2010, and 7,500 people have died of cholera. That’s more than those who died in the unrest that led to UN troops came to Haiti.

334 000 people were affected by cholera in Haiti last year, more than the rest of the world combined.

Haiti has a ten year plan to significantly improve sanitation and water issues, and thus raising the standard of living for the entire population.

Star of Hope has long been working with these issues. We have built various types of water systems in the projects in which we are working to ensure safe drinking water for the villagers and schoolchildren.

However, we need to be dig more wells and build other aquatic systems to ensure clean water for more people and to reduce the problems of disease and death.

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In some ways giving during the Christmas season can be every bit as daunting as going to a black Friday sale at a technology superstore! The solicitations and information from each non-profit and mission can overwhelm the best of us. How do we choose? How can we truly be a cheerful giver?

Idea #1 – Pick a cause that excites you, not one about which you feel guilty. If you want to be a cheerful giver, give to something that gets you passionate enough to share it with your friends. We’ve all seen images that make us want to help from a sense of guilt. Rather, give to an organization whose vision and goals get you excited.

Idea #2 – Be generous, but not foolish. No matter how much we give, the needs are there and often we feel we should give more. But if we give beyond our means, it ceases to be fun and becomes poor stewardship on our part.

Idea #3 – Do your research. In addition to the material before you, check out other sources to be sure the organization is legitimate. Sites like can serve as a great resource to help you relate what the organization says with what it truly accomplishes.

Idea # 4 – Give locally as well as globally. We live in a big world, but hurting people can be found everywhere, even in your own neighborhood. Find non-profit organizations and ministries to give to in your city as well as some that work nationally and internationally.

Idea # 5 – Give more than your money; give your time. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. To be a cheerful giver, give of yourself this year and serve somewhere. It is more likely you will find greater joy in this than any other activity.

Idea # 6 – Talk to your friends and family about giving. They might have some great non-profit organizations they know about and can offer insight through their experience.

Idea # 7 – Check out organizations that have local offices. They offer the advantage of being able to visit and talk with someone you might know.

Remember, when you begin to think, “What can I possibly do to help end hunger around the world? I can’t even help the hungry people on this street!” -- Mother Teresa responded to this question with, ”you just need to do the thing that’s in front of you. No more.  No less.”

Barry Borror
President & CEO
Star of Hope

Star of Hope has worked with the village of Jeanton since 1989. They have mainly been supported to school and the kids, but Star of Hope has also helped with village development.

They have received goats and chicken. Recently Star of Hope built water wells in the village to secure safe drinking water. Last school year Star of Hope also organized a sewing classes for the youth of Jeanton. Many of these youngsters can now make money with their new skills.

Here are some pics from my trips to Jeanton.

Some more pics from the schools in the poor area of Bolgatanga in Ghana. Thanks you to all the sponsors that make the support possible.

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