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Tools can help us grow food. 

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When you give to Ukraine... 

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Exciting News! The Christmas Catalog 2023 is here for your family! 🎁

Explore joy-filled options, meaningful gifts, and festive ideas to make this holiday season truly special.

You can be a beacon of hope by participating in our "Pay it Forward" Christmas event. Together, let's impact lives globally. Explore the Christmas Shop online: 

Dive into the magic now! 

The Guide is online here: Christmas Shop 


Your gifts make a real difference! From goats, chickens, seeds and even books, your gifts fill crucial needs. You have seen the positive impact of people's generosity, transforming lives now and in the future.

Witness the hope and gratitude in children and families' eyes as Star of Hope teams deliver life-changing gifts. Your contributions create real change. Thank you for giving hope, prosperity, the Gospel and a future to those in need.



Visit the Christmas shop to see what you and your family can do to spread Joy at Christmas.

The Guide is online here: Christmas Shop 

Also, you can download or print our Christmas catalog: 

Download or print the below Mini Christmas catalog for 2023 - click here.

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Use your power to help a child fleeing war, fighting poverty and gang violence, bring joy to a struggling mother, and ensure our 12,000 kids experience a special Christmas. 

Results? Check out this small seed story that grew and grew! The seeds that fixed hunger.




By the way if you need printed copies or assistance, call 620-564-3355 or contact us with this form.


Please explore our Web Shop at Blessings for a beautiful holiday season!

🙏 God Bless you and yours.  


One last time... the Guide is online here: Christmas Shop 


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What about the results? You will get a report back.

Yes a printed report with a resuluts orientated report.

Here are some photos from our past Christmas work.








God Bless you and yours

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Did you know that...

18 landerYour generosity expands Star of Hope's reach to 15 countries worldwide. Thanks to you, we're making a global impact.

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Because of people like you, more than 20,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


Trusted for over 50 years to "make the right change happen".


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Join us in supporting the children by donating. Donate.

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