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Update: Progress Update from Star of Hope Ghana and the Bible Teaching Program

Greetings from Accra, Ghana! We would like to share the latest developments and activities taking place at Star of Hope Ghana, as well as express our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors for their unwavering support.

As Ghana commemorated its independence a while back, on the 6th of March, we celebrated "Ghana Month" with great pride. During this special month, our nation honors exceptional citizens and foreigners who have made significant contributions to Ghana's progress. We believe that our sponsors at Star of Hope Ghana truly deserve the highest commendations and accolades. Your dedication and support have played a vital role in the development and success of our organization. Therefore, as we celebrate our independence, we also celebrate you, our esteemed sponsors. In the words of our Ghanaian salutation, "AYEKOO," meaning "well done," we commend you for your invaluable contributions.

In the month of March, our Tent Mission AWANA Bible Teaching program focused on the theme of forgiveness. Our teachings were centered around the inspiring story of Joseph, as depicted in the book of Genesis, chapters 37 to 50. Joseph's tale resonates particularly well with children, and we took this opportunity to impart valuable lessons to them. We discussed how Joseph faced immense hardship, being sold as a slave in Egypt by his own brothers, despite his goodness and honesty. However, Joseph's faith and resilience led to his eventual rise to what must have been the post of the Prime Minister of Egypt. The pivotal moment arrived when his brothers, unaware of his true identity, came to him seeking provisions. Despite the opportunity for revenge, Joseph chose forgiveness. This remarkable act of kindness and compassion left a profound impact on the children.

During our lessons, we asked the children to imagine themselves in Joseph's position and reflect on their likely reactions. Many admitted that they would have sought revenge or harm. We contrasted this with Joseph's response, highlighting how he not only forgave his brothers but also treated them with the utmost kindness, meeting their every need. The objective was to instill in the children the virtue of forgiveness, emphasizing the importance of letting go of grudges and avoiding retaliation. Such virtues are especially crucial during their formative years when conflicts and disputes tend to arise frequently among them.

In addition to our Bible teachings, the weather in Accra has been more favorable, allowing us to engage the children in various sports activities. The month has been both enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone involved. We extend our gratitude to our sponsors for making these experiences possible and for consistently supporting our endeavors.

Once again, we commend and celebrate our sponsors at Star of Hope Ghana for their unwavering dedication and contributions. Your support continues to transform the lives of children and families, helping us build a brighter future for all. Together, we are making a lasting impact in the lives of these young individuals, instilling in them values such as forgiveness, compassion, and resilience. Thank you for being the driving force behind our progress.

God bless you all.

Thank you.




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Facts: Ghana

Population: 23,900,000
Government: Republic
Area: 92,099 square miles
Capital: Accra
Per Capita Income: $790 USD
Currency: Ghana cedi;GHC
Languages: Official Language, English
Primary Exports: Gold, Cocoa, Wood
Religion: About 60% Christian