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 After six months of renovation and upgrading, the work is complete, now the school in Moree, Ghana, is reopened. The extensive renovation and repair work on, among other things, walls and floors began in January 2021, and soon after, the whole school was repainted.

A new playroom has been equipped with modern toys, a playground, and new toilets with a washing area for the students have also been built. A wall has been erected around the entire preschool area to protect both students and property during and after class hours.

The classrooms have been renovated and equipped with modern tables and chairs for both teachers and students for a better teaching and learning environment.

The inauguration took place at the end of July and was visited not only by the children and their parents but also by local decision-makers and other stakeholders. The inauguration ended with a beautiful cultural show that was conducted by the students themselves. There was dancing, music, and a lot of joy.

A big thank you to everyone who supports our work in Ghana. In this way, you contribute to this important upgrade and our long-term development work in the country. Thanks!







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Facts: Ghana

Population: 23,900,000
Government: Republic
Area: 92,099 square miles
Capital: Accra
Per Capita Income: $790 USD
Currency: Ghana cedi;GHC
Languages: Official Language, English
Primary Exports: Gold, Cocoa, Wood
Religion: About 60% Christian