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At 08.30 on Saturday morning, local time, Haiti was hit by a strong earthquake.

The quake had its epicenter in the sea 8 miles north of the coastal city of Saint-Louis-du Sud and 150 kilometers west of the country's capital Port-au-Prince.

The magnitude of 7.2 means that the quake is even stronger than in 2010 when an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 caused enormous damage in Haiti. At that time, between 212,000 and 300,000 people died, according to the country's official figures.

Star of Hope has worked on-site in Haiti since 1978 and runs schools for 3,600 children in seven projects. Star of Hopes's operations managers in the country, Myrtha Dór, and Tony Boursiquot, were in their home outside Port-au-Prince when the earthquake started.
"Everyone felt the quake and was extremely scared," says Tony.

Their own home survived the damage.
"Right now we are trying to find out how our children have been affected", Myrtha says. "We have not yet received any information about material damage or lost lives from our project villages."

"The people in the southern part of the country felt the earthquake the most," says Tony.

We have received reports of destroyed houses and churches. Injured and dead are also reported, especially from the city of Jeremie.

Right now, they are working hard to create a clearer picture of the scale of the disaster and the most urgent need for help.

For questions, contact:
Mark Presson
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  2021 press rel star of hope


Star of Hope presenta su sitio web en español.

ELLINWOOD, Kansas. - Star of Hope anuncia el lanzamiento de su sitio web en español, Estrella de Esperanza, ( El sitio web se puso en marcha el 22 de febrero del 2021, con contenido único, compartiendo la misión y oportunidades de la organización.

“Star of Hope entiende que, con 41 millones de hablantes nativos y 12 millones de bilingües, Estados Unidos es el segundo país de habla hispana más grande del mundo. Ya está por delante de Colombia y España, y apenas detrás de México.

“Queremos contar nuestra historia y nuestros éxitos a la comunidad de habla hispana en los Estados Unidos y en el mundo”. Dice Mark Presson, director ejecutivo de Star of Hope.

Fundada en 1966, Star of Hope cree que todos los niños deben ser valorados por igual, independientemente de sus antecedentes sociales, económicos, étnicos o religiosos. Además, cree que todo niño nacido merece ser educado, nutrido y tener sus necesidades de salud satisfechas.

La organización llega a los niños experimentando pobreza en el suelo, donde viven. Ellos proporcionan un puente para la evangelización y el discipulado en asociación con iglesias y organizaciones locales en los Estados Unidos, Suecia y Noruega.

A través de estos, ayuda a más de 30.000 niños en 12 países de todo el mundo.

Las consultas en inglés y español son bienvenidas a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

o usa este formulario &

Star of Hope, Ellinwood KS 67526 a 501 (c)(3)


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  2021 press rel star of hope



Star of Hope introduces Spanish only website
ELLINWOOD, Kan. -- Star of Hope announces the launch of its Spanish language website, Estrella de Esperanza, ( The website is live now, featuring unique content sharing the mission and opportunities of the organization.

“Star of Hope understands with 41 million native speakers and 12 million bilinguals, the United States is the 2nd largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. It is already ahead of Colombia and Spain, and just behind Mexico. “We want to tell our story and our successes to the Spanish-speaking community in the United States and in the world.” Says Mark Presson, CEO Star of Hope.

Founded in 1966, Star of Hope believes that every child should be valued equally, regardless of their social, economic, ethnic, or religious background. Furthermore, they believe every child born rightfully deserves to be educated, nurtured and their health needs met. The organization reaches out to children experiencing poverty on the ground, where they live. It provides a bridge for evangelism and discipleship in partnership with local churches and organizations in the United States, Sweden, and Norway. Through these, it helps more than 30,000 children in 12 countries throughout the world.

English and Spanish inquiries are welcome to contact us at info(at) or use this form. &
Star of Hope, Ellinwood KS 67526 a 501 (c)(3)

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When you shop @AmazonSmile, Amazon will make a donation to Star Of Hope International America Inc.

Project: JIMBA | Partner: Star of Hope Kenya.


Madaraka Day is a national holiday celebrated on June 1st every year in the Republic of Kenya. It commemorates a day in 1963 that Kenya attained internal self-rule after being a British colony since 1920. Madaraka is a Swahili word for "authority, ruling power".


Project: TOBA SPONSOR NUEVA POBLACIÓN | Partner: Fundacion Evangelica El Buen Pastor


Dear friends, we wish you a blessed week filled with joy and happiness. Our work continues but so far with some pandemic limitations, but hopefully, we will be able to do more soon!

Thank you for all the support.


Project: HESSE | Partner: Star of Hope Haiti


Football is the biggest sport in Haiti by far. And the kids in our school love to play on breaks and after school.

This school year we gave each school four new good quality footballs to enjoy. These images are from a recent game between classes in the schoolyard at the Rigaud school.

Good fun and good exercise!

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Progress report Star of Hope April  2021
By: Dennis Thern

jul argentina

The schools in Argentina started in February and March according to the regular schedule with restrictions. For Chaco, where we work, the schools began in March. Our preschool Jardin Alba started in mid-March for the 5-years old kids. In April, the preschool will also welcome the younger kids. At the same time, we inaugurated the new playground (with the high wall for security) in the preschool's backyard. The monthly food distribution continues. The distribution is spread out over more days than usual due to pandemic restrictions.

Latvia 2

For our local partner in Belarus, BelAPDIiMI, the work has run mostly normally under 2020 until now but with some program changes due to Covid-19 and local restrictions.

starofhopefamily brazil2at300

São Paulo schools
Our seven schools in the São Paulo area are open. Not all parents let their children attend schools in general, so our schools are not running at full capacity.

starofhope ghana food given withlove 3 of 18

Schools were closed down for almost ten months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but Ghana's government has announced the reopening of schools since January 18, 2021, for school children to go back to school by observing all the safety protocols. Recently we carried out a health screening in our projects where about 1,000 children were screened. Overall ok, but there were many cases of malnutrition in Moree. The parents were given diet recommendations. In all, there were also 20 cases of malaria, and they received prescribed medication. The biggest issue was dental problems, where parents got advice to help children take care of their teeth better. A number of the children with teeth problems got treated on the spot.

1 haiti 6

The schools are generally speaking up and running. There are almost 3,600 school children in seven schools this year. They get education, lunch and have access to water and toilets. In Bois Negresse, there is a significant water shortage in general. In April, we start a fundraising effort to build a new water reservoir in the village. There several other projects the Haiti team wants to implement. Due to security reasons, our team doesn't travel to the projects as much as before, or rather seldom. The projects have received cameras to document the work in general, especially for special activities and events. 

Mark Presson CEO spoke with Myrta in Haiti and she talked about the prevalent violence. "Haiti needs a revival and the love of Jesus to quicken their hearts as this violence is too long lasting," said Mark. Myrta also said "Tony was away and could not travel back to their home just now due to violence". Please pray for Haiti. 

water star of hope wells faucet village has now water

The school in Jimba has now finished several construction projects. There is now classrooms for each grade up to grade 8, the final grade in primary school. The dining hall is completed with a proper floor and furniture. There are more projects on the wish list for Jimba to develop the school further. At the end of March, the second school semester ended in Kenya. All classes except grade 8 are now on a break until the beginning of May. Grade 8 pupils sat for exams at the end of March. All 68 eighth-graders in our projects did the exams and are now waiting for the result. The result will is crucial if they qualify for high school. Twenty-seven of them were from Jimba. It was the first time we had pupils from Jimba sitting for exams, a significant step forward.
aleksandra 2

The state of emergency continues until the first week of April. It will maybe be continued. The current restrictions will continue for April. These government-issued restrictions mean that the Velki Association staff cannot travel to visit the projects and children. Schools, special schools, and centers are opening and closing on a local level to various degrees. For example, the special school in Riga that we work with lets the children study outside. The schools we sponsor have been available and closed to various degrees.
2019 star of hope philippines girls dorm 70

Distance learning still ongoing. The classes are organized online when possible. For children without internet or proper devices, their parents pick up homework and assignments in school and return weekly. The construction of the new school building is moving forward and is near completion. The classrooms still need furniture and other equipment. Thanks to a recent large donation from Norway, the school building and building for abused girls can now be completed.

Metropolitan Manila, together with nearby provinces Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal (including Taytay), are under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). There are hard lockdown and extended curfews, and all this until April 4, and maybe longer. This makes it difficult for the children and their families at our school in Taytay.

starofhope romania husi update reopens 2009 2 of 5

Romania & Moldavia
Star of Hope centers have been up and running for the last couple of months but with restrictions. The staff works hard to support the children in the best possible way during the circumstances. The resource center for Roma children in Pantelimon is permanently closed! In February, we carried out a relief distribution to needy families after fundraising in January. Families received firewood, food supply, winter shoes, and more. In some areas in Romania, older school children are bound to homeschooling which is complicated for many disadvantaged children. Our resource centers are a great relief for these children so they can do their tasks and homework.

cropped Trinidadkampanj 2017

The teachers are still working with the children with a computer in their homes; they also put work in the school books and drop it off for the parents to pick up every week. The teachers would put in enough work for a week and interchange with the parents on Fridays. There are also occasional food distributions to the children that are in need.

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