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Resil Lovenson is a six year old pre school student at the Star of Hope Hess Project.  He is a very helpful child, he often helps distribute food to the other children, the one meal that most of these children will most likely receive that day.  He says that he loves school but knows that there is much missing with the entire building collapsed.


Star of Hope on May 6th broke ground at the Hesse School located in the mountains.  There is a team of ten from Kansas going to the community of Hesse on May 22 for a week.  The team will be spending their time counselling and work with the kids on their fears and distractions from the earthquake in January.


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New Video from Kansas Team in Rigaud, Haiti.


March 25, 2010 - Over two days the team worked with some of the more than 600 children in the project, helping them cope with the earthquake. Child trauma counselors, spiritual counselors and teachers who work with younger children teamed together to identify children who might need additional help.

We work with 5,500 children through our projects in Haiti. All are in need of this kind of emotional and spiritual healing. But we are short of funds to make this happen. A $22 donation will allow one more child to receive help. Will you be one who helps? Click here to help!

Check out Katie Cotten's blog for up-to-date information.

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Star of Hope equips children across the world with knowledge, physical well-being, spiritual growth and social skills through educational programs and local and international partnerships.

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A world where children become educated, healthy adults who are involved in their communities and share their love of Jesus Christ.

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2002 Star of Hope International® moved its principal place of business to Ellinwood Kansas.
2007 Haiti Love and Faith Ministries entered into a joint working agreement
2008 The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a certificate of Registration for the name Star of Hope International.
2008 Evangelical Child and Family Service, Salfordville Pennsylvania entered into a partnership agreement to support a project in Haiti
2010 The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a certificate of Registration for the name Star of Hope.

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