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Dec 3rd, 2019 you and Star of Hope 

Its #GivingTuesday and we want you to come alongside the kids! 
Give Now and be done with your good deed!

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#givingtuesday 2019
This year, on Tuesday, December 3nd 2019, Star of Hope is participating in #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving. Last year, thousands of organizations in 150 countries came together to celebrate GivingTuesday. Over one billion dollars was collected.

The goal is more important than most, to do emergency food relief in Haiti, people will receive hope, love, and food. How much is unknown as it is up to you, right now it is give time.

Give Now

Oh, you want more information, ok the short story is "give" today to your favorite charity or cause. #GivingTuesday™ inspires personal philanthropy and encourages bigger, better and smarter charitable giving during the holiday season, showing that the world truly gives as good as it gets.

#GivingTuesday is a movement grown from a simple idea an idea where anyone, anywhere can join and be a participant in any way shape or form; donating money, volunteering time or raising awareness of a cause you can be a part.

This year Star of Hope needs your #givingtuesday gift to help restore dignity to Haitians due to continued social-economic violence. ( In simple terms folks are starving, then neede you and me to help with food. It is that simple.

Prices in Haiti continue to rise, a 100% increase since last year and there is tremendous social-economic unrest. Food agricultural production is down and insecurity is up. Star of Hope staff reports limited travel possibilities in the country as roads are still blocked. Still today only half of our schools are running as semi-normal. Most of the ones that are running are far in the countryside. Star of Hope has a huge budget deficit with increased pricing and price gouging.

The world food program lately reported that 3.7 million people need help and that 1 million are in severe need of food assistance. That would be similar to the populating of Oklahoma being hungry while all in Montana were starving.

Star of Hope CEO Mark Preston says some of these reports from international organizations such as the world food program and the European Unions ECHO program use words like “food insecure populations”, that's great for international bureaucratic updates but I would like to express to the working man and woman that the term “food-insecure populations” mean people are worse than hungry, they are starving; perhaps not at risk of death but still starving. I wonder if the 8-year-olds who are starving in Haiti contemplate syntax over their hunger. What about you as an eight-year-old, hungry, starving...I bet you would pray for relief, for food! Let's answer the prayer.

Food insecurity is gone up at least 20% in the last 3 months in the rural areas and in the capital Port-au-Prince and the other larger cities food is worse than scarce.

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Security concerns, political unrest, roads being closed all add to increasing prices during an already inflationary period.

Our Manager in Haiti Tony Bursiquiot says “The least that can be said so far is that the situation has not changed yet and that majority Haitians continue to fight in large numbers on the streets to ask the president to resign from his functions. The main roads leading to provincial towns are still blocked by trucks, trees and fired tires protected by sometimes armed protesters. Businesses and schools remained inactive, waiting for a positive outcome to the crisis, the things causing the severe food crisis.“

The main reason for this round of unrest is that the people of Haiti it seems to want the president Jovenel Moise to resign. The reason surrounding the action is varied however the protests have turned to violent demonstrations several times in the last months. This has resulted in burning buildings, blocking traffic, violent crowds and so on. The result is shortages of water gas food and medical supplies.

One outcome more, over 50 people are dead due to violence and the state of the infrastructure is uncertain, free travel and safe travel is not certain.

The effect on Star of Hope is enormous, only half of our 2200 children are attending a school where they work to break the chains of poverty with education.

Our Director Myrtha Dor says simply” ...the kids are hungry and scared, it is the worse situation as the children suffer the most, we need food help more than ever.”

Star of Hope is responding first and foremost by assisting the people in and around our projects with emergency food boxes. In Haiti, the staff says a “food kit” can sustain one family of 4 for about 1 month.

Star of Hope is accepting donations here and also via a crowdfunding solution reached by texting the word foodkit to 71777.
This year let's help Haiti.

Still here? Please Give Now

Thank you and Rich Blessings to you and your people!

Mark Presson CEO - so you know the kids say thanks too!

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Give Now or by Check

PO Box 427 Ellinwood, Ks, 67526


You shop and Kids get fed.

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Why would you not do it this way?

Be the Blessing!



Thank you.

You are so important to the children who benefit from your generous support. Thank You so much. Together with us, you have made great things happen this year. You have fed, given clean water, educated, kept healthy, built great things and brought children to Christ. What a great and huge thing we have done together, thank you.

We are proud of you and that we do not change our mandate. Right now, the children helped through you have gained a better life and are much better off due to you!
Thanks to you they are on the right path for a better future.

In the New Year, we will continue to do the work much the same way to get to the same goal of creating Godly men and women. 


Thank you!

Here are a few examples of what is on our hearts in the New Year and where your blessings would go.

• Continue to ensure our children receive a better education through:
• Teacher training 
• Continue the Lunch program “lunch buddy” (over 150 000 lunches has been funded because of our Lunch Buddy program)
• Drill more water wells.
• Provide more training and services to families caring for children with disabilities
• Conduct more Bible classes for adults, children, and youth
• Continue to develop a legacy giving fund.
• Start a daughter entity “Tent Mission”.

This year we will start a new entity called “Tent Mission” we have heard that some of you and some potential donors desire to give to a more evangelization specific bible true partner. That partner will be “Tent Mission” and will be under the Star of Hope umbrella.
Inversely those who want to give to different development and classic education can continue with Star of Hope.

Blessings and hope to you and yours for a wonderful New Year.

Star of Hope


Thank you and Blessing of peace for you and yours. As we look to helping the children and youth in out 15 countries we give a gentle reminder to remember yours and those in your circles, the good book says, "for even young people tire and drop out, young folk in their prime stumble and fall. But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, They run and don't get tired, they walk and don't lag behind."

So why not be one who gently helps the children and youth.

All of us at Star of Hope say "Thank you for all you have done"





Together this year, we experienced the joy and accomplishment of changing children’s lives and spreading the Gospel.

This year our year-end giving will be used primarily to shore up our budget where it is most needed, for a new much-needed water well in Rigaud, Haiti, and for supporting our new Awana International project. Your gift is a hand up and has the potential to make thousands of boys and girls happy. To give them joy by showing them love can create a positive change in the children and ultimately a whole community. It will, I bet, make you feel warm and fuzzy inside too.

I had the opportunity last month to visit our projects in Haiti where I looked at 2 new water wells we drilled in Marigot. They are good wells and will provide water long into the future and help many thousands of people. Praise God! However, one project I visited in Rigaud is in desperate need for clean water. Their two wells have gone dry. This is a great tragedy. First, the school water station went dry, and then the reverse osmosis and selling point station. The 2 dry holes make it a dreary situation. We need to drill again so the children and leaders do not have to use dirty water. One drilled well costs about $7,000 dollars.


While in Haiti I also followed up on our fantastic new partnership with Awana International. We are presenting the Gospel in a structured format to the youngest ages (6-8) this year and we will continue next year as well. Our goal is to add the next age group, but without support, this will be difficult. To continue to grow this project we need materials; we only have to pay the copy costs. This is a great program and is simply Biblical missions done right.


In Romania, our prayers are being answered. After 15 years of work, a dream came true. In Dorohoi, the number of children with disabilities that need assistance increased last period and the old facilities weren’t big enough. On November 3rd over 28 kids with disabilities and their families received a new center. At our inauguration many people came together to celebrate; Star of Hope representatives, members of community, kids, and parents.

“The Star of Hope Romania team, including the team in Dorohoi, didn’t give up in face of obstacles, even if there were times when there seemed to be no solutions. We are not used to giving up. I am very proud of you"-Lennart Eriksson


For your year-end, tax-deductible gift please keep Star of Hope in mind. Together we can:

  • Provide clean water
  • Teach children about Christ
  • Support a growing local community,

Huge resources are needed for our 20,000 kids in 15 countries.

You are very important to Star of Hope and we thank you for your support!

Please pray and consider a year-end gift to Star of Hope. Donate online at or use the enclosed coupon.

May you be healed and restored as you sleep tonight. And may you wake up with fresh faith and vision for the days ahead. God bless you!

Mark Presson CEO 1-866 653 0321

PS: Any check dated before December 31st is tax deductible for the year 2018.

In a hurry? Fast Give Form Here


Are you tired of that ho-hum and don't know what to do for presents? Well, we are thrilled to bring you the Star of Hope Christmas Giving Guide. By participating in our “Pay it Forward” gift program, you can be a “STAR of Hope” and, give children and families a bright future. Together, with your help, we can impact lives around the world. Other gifts are available too!

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Star of Hope works with local people groups in 15 countries to identify the greatest needs. Your donations will purchase real gifts, from a present, goats, books, food and everything in between to fill those needs.

We have seen the positive impact your generous giving has had on the families and communities we serve, for you, we meet children and families who are blessed to be recipients of Star of Hope’s support. Thanks to donors like you. It is a blessing that the education programs and the “pay it forward” program are helping, and will continue to give meaning, and change lives now, and in the future.

Print this general catalog at home now 

Print this Romania specific catalog at home now 

When our Star of Hope teams deliver these life-changing gifts to children and families, we personally witness the hope and gratitude in their eyes. Together we can create real change in the lives of children, families, and communities through your generous contributions. Thank you for giving hope, prosperity and a future to so many in need.


We know it is such a blessing to send a small gift to those who are in need this Christmas, do not be fooled the gift and love you send changes lives!.

Need help or want printed copies, call us at 866 653 0321 

The online version is open for all at

God Bless you and yours!


Below, a few Christmas images from Haiti, Romania, Haiti, Kenya, Argentina

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