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Beginning Mid July 2023 some 200 people will descend on a camp located in Constanta, near the Black Sea. This group of people will not be the usual campers, rather they will be families with a very special gift – a child with disabilities.

IMG_2853.jpgDuring the week these families can escape the burden of being alone, caring for their special child. The moms and dads will be encouraged, learn new skills, and have time to rekindle their love for each other.


The children will have activities and opportunities to do things they might have never done. They will play outside, see the ocean, and make new friends who are special, just like them. All of this happens under the supervision of caring specialists.Of course, there will be sessions where everyone’s faith is strengthened and each will be encouraged to follow Christ.


Speakers will come from many countries to share with these dear people. This cannot happen without your help. The people who need to come to this camp simply don’t have the resources to make it happen. All they have is tied up in caring for their child. But you can give them a hand.

A gift of $200 will make it possible for one person to attend. Can you help?

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More information:

In Romania and Moldova Star of Hope is improving the lives of children with special needs. We are also working to keep children off the streets. We do this, for example, by providing support for various daytime activities for socially excluded children as well as children with special needs. We also run fitness activities, integrate work, and work with the development of parent associations. Our Christian conferences encourage mothers and fathers of special needs children in their faith while providing knowledge and skills on caring for their children. Through visiting occupational therapists, physical therapists, specialist teachers, and others, we provide a transfer of knowledge to the Romanian health professionals and authorities which in many areas changed their way of working. Star of Hope continues to actively work to affect public opinion and attitudes about children with special needs.

Star of Hope is also working actively to change the attitudes of health professionals and political leaders. The sight of these children with special needs has long been characterized by the notion that people with special needs cannot contribute to society and that therefore they are inferior. Instead, they have been placed in institutions, where they had to endure both physical and psychological abuse. They never get out of bed, and do not learn to walk, talk, feed themselves, dress, or do without a diaper. There was simply no time to give every child adequate care. The children were under-stimulated and forced into a life without the possibility to develop as human beings and live full lives.

God is Good!


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Because of people like you, more than 20,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


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