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We are pleased to announce that Star of Hope has been nominated by one or more Google employees, to be listed as a cause for the "Googlersgive" program. Employees of Google may now donate to Star of Hope via their workplace giving program at Google.

We appreciate all of the Google employees that nominated us, and we thank everybody for all of your support. We know the kids love it too. Google-awesome.


Star of Hope is pleased to announce we have been selected to join the "AmazonSmile" program. If you are a experienced Amazon shopper please use this link (bookmark it too) and Amazon will donate a small amount to Star of Hope.

If you are not a Amazon shopper but want to learn more about AmazonSmile here is the low down. AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on The difference is that when customers shop on AmazonSmile (, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organizations selected by customers. Thank you.



We are looking for a volunteer with a passion for results, education and Christianity? Have you ever worked with translating organizational metrics and needs into compelling stories and proposals, or just want to learn?

Star of Hope needs you, we are committed to child education and faith based teachings.

We have made an impact on thousands of children through our programs in 16 countries. Right now we have 30,000 children around the world in a program. For over 40 year’s Star of Hope has produced graduates and changed lives and that is a blessing for all.


Star of Hope is seeking a volunteer “Grant Writer” for its US operations. Reporting to the Director of Development, the candidate will work closely with the CEO and the Donor Relations manager and even the 16 Country Managers. Focused on institutional development and communications the Grant Writer will (in short) be responsible for the timely development of written content, messaging and grant submissions.



  • Write and execute foundation proposals, reports and acknowledgment letters in close collaboration with the staff.
  • Work with country team to consolidate information into new written content for proposals and reports and stay up-to-date on relevant programs;
  • Support Management team in creating key messaging documents and organizational framing, presentations, publications and materials.

Donor Coordination:

  • Assist with prospecting for new foundation donors, including research, prioritisation, outreach and follow up.
  • Assist with foundational and corporate donor cultivation including routine correspondence and acknowledgments.
  • Assist Board as needed.


The ideal candidate will have the following professional skills and experience:

  • Work Experience & Education: You have a minimum of two years’ experience in grant writing or other professional writing along with relevant professional experience.
  • Communication: You have superior and demonstrated persuasive writing and editing skills, excellent attention to the smallest of detail and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Work Habits: You should have the ability to work unmanaged for longer period of times. strong administrative, organizational, research and logistical skills, including an ability to manage multiple priorities and keep track of details and time-lines; you possess a high degree of diplomacy and tact in liaising with colleagues and external donors. Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office applications.
  • We are a Christian organization and it makes sense if you are too - and the candidate should have a strong interest regarding children in poverty.


The candidate will preferably have the following skills, experience and characteristics:

  • Experience with obtaining and managing grants.

LOCATION: Ellinwood, Kansas USA or remotely with physical check-ins.

SALARY: None, Volunteer position, however can lead to salaried position.

How to apply: email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 1 866 653 0321, ask for Mark Presson or Barry Borror

Thank you!




In This Newsletter:

StarTeam Tour - Did you find what you were looking for?

Bois Negresse Classroom annex nearly complete

Hesse Church Construction on fast pace

Our Co-workers in Argentina vacate office

Looking for a speaker for your meeting?

Watch for scam phone calls


StarTeam Tour - Finding what you didn't even look for

Myrtha Dor, Star of Hope Haiti shares her observations of what happens to young people when they are in contact with the children of Bois Negresse.

Anna, Maria, Domenique and Emmanuel, four young people from Sweden traveled to Haiti to help and find something even greater. They went to Haiti to learn and ... Read on

Bois Negresse Classroom Annex Nearing Completion

The two classroom annex at our Bois Negresse school is nearing completion. It will be ready for the final touches of paint and furnishings.

A youth group from Sweden, who raised the funds needed to build the unit, arrive in mid April to add the love to the painting and final preparations.

Want to know more about the project? Read on

(BTW - We plan on two more classroom annex building when we have the funds. Interested? Give Barry a call (866) 653-0321)

Hesse Church Construction on Pace for May Completion

The final church building to be constructed following the 2010 earthquake is rapidly progressing. The people of Hesse are joyfully contributing time and back breaking work to help complete the project on time and under budget. Read on

Argentina Office Roof Leaking

Our co-workers in northern Argentina work diligently to keep costs at an impressive low level. Sometimes things happen that were not expected but kind were. Things like a roof deteriorating over time and leaking!

The leaks are so bad and widespread they had to move all the computers, files and work out of the office. David Johansson and his team are working in a temporary location without internet making communication difficult.

The cost of repairing the roof is estimated to be $2,000 USD. Please consider helping to defray this expense. It would encourage them and allow them to continue serving the Toba children.

To help, simply CLICK HERE to make a safe on-line donation. Enter the amount in the Where most needed box and make a note in the comments that this is for Argentina roof.

Looking for a Speaker for your meeting?

Star of Hope staff, board members and volunteers love to speak at all kinds of events. Church services, schools, civic clubs just to name a few. Different age groups from children to senior citizens.

Our team is passionate about Christianity, missions,Star of Hope and what we as an organization are doing around the world.

Simply call us a (866) 653-0321 to set up a speaker for your event.

Be on Guard for Telephone Scams

I have heard of attempts by thieves to trick someone into wiring money to them. It usually is along the lines of someone you know is in trouble in a foreign country and needs help. The caller often seems to know enough to fool you and sounds genuine.

If you you receive a message from someone claiming to be part of Star of Hope asking you wire money do not.

While I haven't heard of anyone being scammed by using the Star of Hope name, I want to make sure it doesn't happen. That's why I want you to know that our staff and personnel would never ask for funds to help in that manner. - Barry Borror


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 Anna, Maria, Domenique and Emmanuel, four young people from Sweden traveled to Haiti to help and find something even greater. They went to Haiti to learn and gather information to help them present Haiti to their friends and contacts in their home countries. They have come home with a treasure.


For seven days they went out to visit a different Star of Hope supported project. Boyer, Jeanton, Dano, Rigaud, Carrefour, Hesse and each time, when they returned, Myrtha noticed they looked tried. They protested and told her they were fine. But to Myrtha, the look in their eyes told a different story. They seemed to be searching for something. She told herself maybe she was wrong as she overheard the laughter coming from the four at the table with Tony.

The night before the trip to Bois Negresse it was different. Anna and Maria knew what was coming. This was their third trip to Haiti and Bois Negresse. For Domenique and Emmanuel, on their first visit to Haiti sensed something unusual was to happen. Tony, understanding the importance, suggested they leave at 6 am, in the dark! Myrtha vetoed that and they gave in and left at 7am.

Arriving in Bois Negresse, the world comes into sharp focus. The area is one of the poorest in Haiti, and that says much. Maybe it is because of that when visitors come, they find the important things in life and the troubles and worries of our modern life just aren’t important any longer.

You see, the children in Bois Negresse love people. They have the magic to spoil you with their touch. They follow you as close as your shadow, tugging on your arms. They make you feel special and unique. Each time they sat down, they were engulfed with children, jostling and nudging each other out of the way so they could get close and touch the “blanc”.

Love is a language that calls out. Anna, Domenique and Emmanuel spoke with the children in English, the children spoke to them in Kreyol. But they understood because they were talking love.

When they returned from Bois Negresse, Myrtha saw new sparkle in their eyes. They had found what they were searching for; friendship, touch and love!


For you see, the children in Bois Negresse can light someone’s day simply by touching their hair or their hands with a gentle and loving touch. Come to Haiti and experience this for yourself. It will change you forever. Be a Sponsor here - most needed!





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We bet you have heard all the reasons why you should sponsor a child and we want you to know that we think it comes down to this;

"Do you have a place in your heart for one more?" Be a Sponsor here - most needed!

There are many ways in which you can help change the life of a child, Star of Hope had exceeded donors expectations more than 40 years and we want you, we need you! If not you than who?

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For Press Release see full Press release here©


-Lack of clean water in many areas around the world has led to a unique industrial innovation and  new cooperation between innovators and development organizations. Star of Hope works to hopefully provide floating water plants to regions with a scarce water supply, such as Haiti, Kenya and The Philippines.

 We were already investigating new ways of dealing with water supply issues for communities and cities where we have been involved in emergencies and long-term efforts.", V.P. Mark Presson (Star of Hope) says. Then, this innovative, outside the box solution appeared,

- For some time we have been struggling with the problems lack of water creates - as the global problems on this issue have been increasing. The EnviroNor solution might bring an incredibly innovative and mind-changing solution to the water problem, Presson says.

-Star of Hope is an international development organization, working on four continents. Star of Hope is a Non-Profit organization and a USAID approved partner.

- We are very happy to contribute to solve critical clean-water issues by this new industrial technology, president of Star of Hope USA Barry Borror says. – We will use our experience and our regional network to make new water supplies available by the floating water plants. If we at the same time can reduce the large quantities of untreated wastewater running into the world’s oceans and rivers, threatening both the environment and human health, this is even better.

“Aqua Recovery” will use phased out tankers anchored offshore for recycling of wastewater. By converting, for example, a 15-year-old product tanker can treat the wastewater from a city of 250.000 inhabitants. Sigmund Larsen, an experienced Norwegian senior shipping officer, CEO of tech start-up EnviroNor, developed the idea and founded the company.

- We are looking forward to the close cooperation with Star of Hope, Sigmund Larsen states, explaining the idea of EnviroNor: ¬- The technology comes from proven technology and solutions from industries like, maritime, oil & gas, water and process industries. By combining the best solutions from these industries, we believe we can solve many of the water challenges present today. Whether it is treatment of wastewater, re-use of wastewater, treatment of river or seawater, converting to drinking water, Larsen says.

- Star of Hope for decades has shown their capacity to help people develop their civil societies in all parts of the world – as well as bringing emergency aid to catastrophes of all kinds - and we are very comfortable with their assistance to reach cities and regions with new water solutions, Larsen says.

“Aqua Recovery” is a part of the DNV GL Extraordinary Innovation Program, aimed to solve the enormous global water challenges due to urbanization and population growth. DNV GL is the world’s largest ship and offshore classification society, the leading technical advisor to the global oil and gas industry, and a leading expert for the energy value chain including renewable and energy efficiency, and one of the leading certification bodies in the world. The Red Cross and World Wildlife Fund (Norway) are also partners in the development.


There will be four categories of vessels in “Aqua Recovery” (all pictures attached):

Environors "The Reliever" via Star of Hope

The “Reliever”- a converted ship that can treat wastewater, for example while a land-based plant is being modified, expanded or repaired. Typical need: a slightly developed country with unsatisfactory treatment capacity.

Environors "The Changemaker" via Star of Hope

The “Changemaker”- a treatment plant that treats wastewater from domestic and industry and reuse the water for irrigation or industrial purposes. It can even be cleaned to drinking water standard.This allows more water for drinking. Typical areas can be; the Mediterranean.

Environors [the water factory] via [starofhope]

The “Water Factory”- polluted river water will be treated until it has drinking water quality. Typical need: rivers in China and other densely populated places where drinking water is in short supply.

Environors ERV Emergency relioef vessel, innovation in water for food vis Star of Hope

The “Emergency Relief Vessel” - Producing clean drinking water for the population in catastrophic areas, by converting seawater into drinking water. After earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding e.g. onshore-based water supply and water infrastructure is not able to provide the local community with sufficient drinking water.

Supplementary facts:

  • Adding 20 years to the life-cycle of old ships ranging from barges to oil tankers that would otherwise go to a scrapyard
  • Addressing the scarcity of land by using the vessels as floating wastewater plants
  • Tailor-made solutions for riverside and seaside populations by using appropriately sized vessels
  • Reducing pollution of our water bodies while providing potable water
  • Providing a solution to different kinds of water needs that can be used in a targeted manner, whether for industry or for irrigation
  • Cost effective, mobile, easy, and quick to build – especially in relation to land-based structures, this just needs the inlet and outlet piping built on land.

For more information:

Star of Hope, V.P. Mark Presson +1 866 653 0321 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Star of Hope, CEO Barry Borror +1 866 653 0321

CEO and Founder of Environor, Sigmund Larsen phone + 47 416 83 747,


Garry Corunia reports from Star of Hope Philippines, Text and Photo, Garry


Greetings from Manila! Hope you are all doing well.

On the third week of January 2014, me and my brother Jay, went to Cebu City to take care of the shipment arriving sent by Human Bridge from Scandinavia through Star of Hope.

Some months before, we already visited Ormoc City together with Hakon Skaug, from Star of Hope Norway, who happened to be in the country during the time that typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan struck, but he was actually here for some other meetings. We set out to do an ocular inspection and assess the situation over there with regards to the needs of the people. Since most of the relief aid components were medical related, we deemed it appropriate to make contact with people who works in the field of medicine.

We got in touch with a certain contact via a friend until we came across Dra. Judith Garcia-Larrazabal, who hails from Ormoc city herself. So upon our arrival there, they showed us around to the different places that were affected by typhoon Yolanda, particularly to the district hospital of Ormoc, and some other equally affected hospitals and also to villages that were greatly devastated as well.

Fast forward, a half and a month later, the arrival of the shipment from Scandinavia finally came near. The original notice we received from the shipper was January 20, 2014. So now, we needed to prepare the paper work for the urgent release of the shipment. Since we had previous dealings with the Bureau of Customs, and the seemingly “magical” ways they handle freight shipments are quite well known to all, we immediately set out to book a flight to Cebu city in anticipation of the incoming schedule of arrival of the relief aid shipment.

We got in contact with a certain person from inside the Customs Bureau itself that could really help facilitate the release of the shipment, bound for Ormoc, upon arrival there in Cebu City port. Thank goodness that they assisted us because all of the incoming shipment was certainly for humanitarian cause and donated by kind-hearted people from countries who were touched by what they saw in the aftermath of the super-typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan.

Garry and Jay, let's clear those containers 

Upon our arrival in Cebu City, we wasted no time and went ahead to the Bureau of Customs at the port area. We contacted a shipment broker who actually guided us in the step-by-step processing of our documents. We were instructed to go to the “One-stop-shop” first near the airport before anything else. This is a designated place where the various inter-government agencies such as DSWD (Department of Social Welfare & Development), DOH (Department of Health), and the DAF (Department of Finance) are put into a central location where an organization, like Star of Hope, could apply for tariff exemption of relief goods shipment intended for the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda victims.

Usually, when applying for such privilege of exemption from import duties here in our country, it is like passing through the eye of a needle because government officials have very keen eyes that strictly scrutinize every detail of the packing list in the Bill of Lading, perhaps trying to find loopholes in our documents that would somehow allow them to squeeze something out with every opportunity that would arise. True enough, we had to fly back home to Manila because the clearance for the release of the relief/medical aid equipment would have to be continued on the following week. Because the two 40 foot containers actually arrived quite late in the week (Friday) already for it to have to be processed & released on the same day anyway. And since the processing of the documents took significant time to accomplish, requiring lots of leg-work, going from one place to another all over Cebu city for the corresponding government agency signatures, approvals, multiple endorsements in three different areas, etc. Hence, upon arriving back at BOC (Bureau of Customs) for the supposedly last step in the Appraiser stage, it did not make the cutoff time at the Land bank for the necessary fees/payments to have it released that Friday. So, weekend came and the first thing in the morning of the succeeding Monday, it was only me this time who was able to go back to Cebu to continue the processing of the paper works at Customs.

With constant prayers and divine intervention, and by the wonderful grace of God, the Bureau of Customs granted us the clearance to proceed forward! Finally, the relief aid shipments were released on Tuesday (January 28th) and the container vans are out of the pier port already! Now, the next challenge was, shipping to Ormoc city!

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