I would like you to meet Nicoleta, a sweet Roma girl from the very poorest North East region of Romania. At 10 years old now, she is making up for the years that trials had stolen from her childhood. At the age of 3, a severe burn to over 60% of her body kept her in hospitals and treatment clinics far from her village. She was not able to go to school and to learn skills along with her 5 other siblings.


In 2016, she was enrolled in the newly founded Star of Hope project in Murgeni, Romania, and began her first-grade experience at the age of 8. It was there, under the tutoring of the skilled teaching staff, that she learned how to hold a pencil, learn letters and words, forming sentences and thoughts. Her world was changed! This little girl started to learn to communicate and to take pride in verbal and written skills, thus skyrocketing her self-esteem and confidence. Her life literally was changed from despair and isolation to one of hope and a future. Today, she is concluding her studies from the third-grade level and is graduating with a pronouncement of good results, to go on to enter the 4th grade.


As you look at Nicoleta’s face, notice the smiles of joy!! You have been a part of bringing HOPE into her life for she now dreams of finishing high school well, to work and help her family!! Because of you, she is able to learn, grow, and to go on to learn a vocation and life skills. She is the future of Romania, as she strives to better herself, her family’s plight and her nation. I have personally visited this Star of Hope center and the smiles and joy are contagious.  Kudos to the bright, young, engaging teaching staff, the pastor and his wife, on-site every day. The families and children are flourishing around the activities and environment of this bright and creative learning center, in the middle of the village.

Let us link arms together to continue this monumental task of changing lives, one child at a time. I believe in them; to change the world for the better. Thank you for making a difference. Partnering with you,

Kay Metsger

Star of Hope Board Director, USA



Star of Hope International America is also "Tent Mission", Star of Hope' does the Social and Tent Mission' does the Gospel.

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