Thanks to you, we can report that we have executed many extra interventions this summer during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic, whether man-made or not COVID has hit the people we help with devastating effects. Yes, we are talking about the most marginalized people and communities, places where we work worldwide at Star of Hope.

Some of the larger interventions were to help the most affected populations.

In the Chaco province in the north of Argentina, we were able to give out food and blankets because they needed food desperately and their winter is the opposite of ours, and the extreme poor needed blankets and heaters. See https://www.starofhope.us/argentina/warm-distribution-in-summer

In Ghana we did huge food delivery projects, the food helped a lot of people get away from being undernourished. See https://www.starofhope.us/ghana/ghana-food-distribution-during-covid

In Haiti an enormous extra thrust of food package delivery to the most vulnerable. Also, good news for the school lunch program as extra funding came in and the kids are being fed a great school lunch. You also helped with sanitary products and education for the children. See https://www.starofhope.us/haiti/haiti-school-update-fall-2020

In Kenya, large efforts were done for food distribution and also to bring the classrooms to COVID specifications as dictated by the government. See https://www.starofhope.us/kenya/kenya-corona-rules-update-fall-2000

In Romania a lot of food deliveries to families who have children with special needs. Also, there was a reopening of a new resource center for children as well as the purchase of personal protection equipment. See https://www.starofhope.us/romania-moldova/new-center-in-husi-romania

The examples above are just some of the extra measures we were able to do this summer. Together they represent a huge amount of money and love and blessings!
You and people who are like you have done great things, be pleased, be happy knowing all the resources we gave would never, never have transpired, or even possible without you.

By the way, on top of this, the regular support programs have been ongoing. If you're part of this work God bless you and thank you so much if you're not with us, consider being a part of the family of hope, getting involved is easy and then it is easy to change a life.

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