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A Christmas Greeting from our affiliate, Star of Hope Finland. This is one of the families in Latvia who this Christmas received a Christmas package filled with food, presents and Hope.

Latvia Christmas


May you have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Brage Pörtfors
Star of Hope Finland


Veronica Valdez - 27 years.

Veronica is 27 years and became a builder as early as 2004, but she knew that she wanted to educate herself further and also studied as an architect and graduated in October 2011.

 It took a little longer than she thought due to trouble in the family, she is glad it worked out eventually.

 But even before she was fully trained so she got a job at a firm in Saenz Pena, Chaco Province, specializing in aluminum products and interiors for prefabricated houses. She produces various types of drawings for the house products they work with involving solving technical problems and being creative for the best solutions. She draws the interiors of cabinets, windows, doors and more.

Veronica was helped in finding work by networking with Sylvia who works at Star of Hope office in Saenz Pena Argentina. She takes care of many young people who have earned a scholarship. Sylvia called and called to employers and found the job for Veronica.She is just a new employee and has no permanent job yet but we are all hopeful. She works between 7-12 each day. She hopes to earn a permanent full time position shortly. Veronica draws on houses now, to see if the small company can grow into house designs as well.

Veronica is married with a son who is two years old. It is difficult to be a young mom but her own mother helps as the babysitter. And then Veronica has studied so many years, she is also grateful to the man who supports her as well, her husband who works for a food wholesaler he drives out food to the different shops in the area.

Veronica dreams eventually to own a house. Now she lives a bit simple, but she hopes to design and build a house for her family in the future. But for now she must make it in the labor market so that she can retain a stable job and earn a decent wage. Only then can they begin to plan more carefully for the future.

Veronica is very happy and grateful for the support through the years from Star of Hope. Sometimes when she lost tempo Star of Hope was there and especially Sylvia to encourag and support as she fought on. It has been very important that she supported all the way.

For Star of Hope, Dennis Thern / December 2011.


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Merry Christmas and Thank you for caring.

Barry W Borror
President & CEO

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